Short documentary films

Among many other activities, the ISIP Project has enabled the creation of a series of documentary films portraying successful producers of local specialty products and entrepreneurs from Indonesia’s dynamic creative industry. The documentaries show how these producers and entrepreneurs use intellectual property rights to protect their inventions or to add value to their products.
By spreading such positive examples, millions of young entrepreneurs and producers throughout Indonesia have been encouraged to follow this path to make a living out of their specialty product or creative invention. And more creative minds will positively impact economic growth in this huge archipelago.


Promoting Intellectual Property Rights for creative industries (Design)
The ISIP Project supports the Indonesian IP Office to familiarise the creative industry sector with intellectual property rights and concretely assists SMEs with the appropriate use of these rights.
Example “Kayon Kreasi” (wood artists): Youtube
Example “Rick Hanes” (guitars): Youtube

Intellectual Property Rights for producers of local specialties (Geographical Indications)
Producers of selected Geographical Indication products are supported with legal registration, quality control, organisational development, and market access for their products.
Example “Sikka Ikat” (traditional handwoven textiles): Youtube
Example “Amed Salt” (specialty salt): Youtube

Inventors of appropriate technology use Intellectual Property Rights (Patents)
The ISIP project promotes innovation to solve technological challenges. It supports the DGIPs efforts to familiarise innovative minds with the appropriate rights to protect their creation.

Example „Gasmit Cooking Stoves“: Youtube
Example „Rice Drying Machine”: Youtube

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