The Myanmar-Swiss Intellectual Property Project – MYSIPP


Project background and context

The initial objective of MYSIPP was to contribute to the establishment of an IP system in Myanmar, which is an essential component to create favourable conditions for sustainable trade. Due to the political situation, and in line with the official Swiss position, no activities and trainings with government and government-related agencies were carried out in Myanmar after February 2021. Consequently, the project was set on hold with the exception of a limited amount of trainings on geographical indications (GIs) provided exclusively to private-sector partners. Due to the ongoing requests for support from private-sector partners in 2022, it was decided to extend the project duration, adapt the goals and objectives, and reallocate funds accordingly.


Goals and Objectives

MYSIPP aims to raise awareness and to strengthen private sector partners of different value chains in order for them to make better economic use of their high quality products through GIs as a tool for product differentiation.


Quick project facts

Project duration

January 2020 – December 2022 (extended until December 2024)


Total budget

CHF 514,000


Donor agency

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs – SECO


Implementing agency

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property – IPI
  • Local private sector partners

More information and contact

Reto Meili – Project Coordinator MYSIPP
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property – IPI
reto.meilinot shown@ipito make life hard for spam | +41 31 377 72 71


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