Renewing protection


Five periods of five years

Every five years, we'll invite you to renew protection for your design for an additional five years by sending you a new invoice. A design can be protected for a maximum of 25 years.


Term of protection and renewing protection

A design is protected for an initial period of protection of five years from the date of filing the application. Before protection for your design expires, you'll receive from us an invoice for the next period of protection. If you don't pay it, protection for your design will expire. The fee for all periods of protection is the same as the basic fee.
The fees in detail


Surcharge fees and further processing for missed payments

Have you forgotten to pay the invoice? It may be possible to make a late payment and still keep your design right in force. However, additional costs are involved. Ask us if you're unsure.

Fee schedule


Beware of fake invoices

You won't only receive an invoice from us for registering your design. You might also receive unsolicited invoices from private companies or individuals. These are actually fraudulent offers for entering your IP right in a register or for exploiting, renewing or extending protection of your IP right. However, they are of no use for protecting your design in Switzerland. Therefore, please check who sent the invoice before paying it.