Criteria for determining the origin of natural products

The criteria that determine the origin of natural products depend on the type of product. For plant products, for example a salad or an apple, the place of harvesting must be located in Switzerland. To be Swiss: mineral water must be extracted in Switzerland, hens must have spent the majority of their life in Switzerland, milk must come from cows reared in Switzerland and fish must be angled in Switzerland.


The origin of natural products is determined based on one of the following criteria:

  • Mineral products. These include not only stone, crystals, salt, sand and gravel, but also mineral water. Origin is determined by the place where they were extracted.
  • Plant products. For fruit, vegetables, plants, wood, etc., origin is determined by the place where they were harvested.
  • Meat from livestock. Meat from livestock is Swiss if the animals have spent the predominant part of their lives in Switzerland.
  • Game and fish. Origin is determined by the place where the hunting or fishing was carried out. 
  • Other animal-derived products. This category includes products such as milk and eggs. Origin is determined by the place where the animals were kept.

Where foodstuffs are concerned, the criteria comply with the substantive provisions of food law.

For natural products, the self-supply rate is irrelevant. Beekeepers can only label their honey with a Swiss indication of source if the above requirements are met. However, if the honey is used as a raw material in a foodstuff, the food manufacturer can take the self-supply rate into account.