Updating your register entry

In order for all interested parties to be able to access up-to-date information on Swissreg and in the Trade Mark Database, please inform us of any changes to your name, your company, your address or your representative. Theses changes to the register are free of charge.


Please note that you cannot change a trade mark or extend the list of goods and services after the trade mark has been registered. It is possible, however, to cancel goods or services.


Request a change to a trade mark register entry

You can request the following register changes online:

  • Changes relating to the trade mark owner (assignment of the trade mark, change of name and address, correction of errors)
  • Changes relating to the representative, licensees, usufructuaries and pledgees (entry or deletion, change of names and addresses, correction of errors)


Further information on the online service for register changes


Submit register changes electronically or by filling in a form

You can also request changes to the register by sending an email to tm.adminnot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam bots.ch or by post. You can find an overview of the submission channels for register changes as well request forms on our website.

Requests for division, transfer, withdrawal and cancellation of an application or a trade mark require a signature. A corresponding PDF attachment must be submitted as an official document of evidence, either online or by email.


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