Use of ‘Swissness’ for advertising purposes

The indication “Swiss” – whether used on its own or together with other terms such as “Made in Switzerland”, “Swiss recipe” or “Swiss quality” – is an indication of source. Figurative marks such as the Swiss cross, the Matterhorn, Wilhelm Tell and Helvetia are also considered Swiss indications of source.


A manufacturer or service provider does not require any authorisation to use a “Swiss” indication of source. This means that it can be used freely, provided that it is accurate, i.e. the goods or services in question actually originate in Switzerland. This guarantees that if “Switzerland” is on the outside, “Switzerland” is on the inside too. Companies wanting to use a “Swiss” indication of source must therefore ensure that their goods or services comply with the criteria enshrined in law for Swiss origin.


Unlike the Swiss cross, private companies are not permitted to use the Swiss coat of arms.

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