Keep your invention secret

Before applying for a patent, you must keep your invention secret. If you make your invention publicly known in any way, you can no longer protect it.

An invention is new if it is not known anywhere in the world before the date of filing the application. Therefore, don't write anything about your invention in journals or on the internet and don't present it at an exhibition.  If you are working together with someone, e.g. in a workshop or an engineering office, agree beforehand on confidentiality.


Plan your patent application carefully

The information in this section will help you to:


Country-specific information relates to the procedure in Switzerland.


Consult a patent attorney

In order to obtain the best possible patent protection, it is essential that you prepare a patent application without any errors and answer any objections correctly. This can be difficult for those without any experience in patenting. In this instance, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a patent attorney.