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More often than not, entrepreneurs call us when it's too late – because they've received a warning from a competitor due to patent-infringing products. Or they find that their company name has been registered as a trade mark by a competitor. What a shame that they didn't find out more information sooner. Because such things can be avoided.  


Take a look at how you can avoid infringing others' products and protect your own innovations and creative work.

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How you can turn your IP into profit

Have a look at our tips on effectively managing valuable intellectual capital

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Developing your strategy of protection

All IP rights at a glance.





Invent, produce, market

In our Guide for Innovative and Creative Minds, you can find practical tips on patents, trade marks, designs and copyright to help you with the innovation process.



Protecting your IP


Search the IPI’s databases for trade marks, patents, designs, supplementary protection certificates and emblems that are protected in Switzerland.





A glimpse into the world of intellectual property: the IPI's brochures


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