Should you register your design?

It isn't only quality and price that influence buying decisions. Aesthetics play a role, too.

Design creates a sense of identity, which is a key aspect when positioning a product on the market. This applies to the design of all products, from simple consumer goods to complex machines. The design is often in the detail so identifying this at an early stage helps you determine the potential for solid protection.


Creative 2D and 3D designs

The Swiss Designs Act (Art. 1 DesA) describes a design as:
"The design of products or parts of products that is characterised in particular by the arrangement of lines, surfaces, contours or colours or by the materials used."

Design therefore covers much more than what is described in ordinary language as a designer object. Any product can potentially be protected by a design right, particularly if you have put special emphasis on its design.


3D designs can also be protected by other IP rights. Find out more in the following sections:


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