Filing your application

How to register your trade mark internationally

You can apply to protect your trade mark internationally with us. The easiest way to submit an application for international registration is via our online service. The details of the basic trade mark will be carried over directly from the Swiss trade mark register, and you will be taken through the registration process step by step. Please note that applications can only be submitted in German, French or Italian.

You can also submit your application by completing a form and sending it to us by post or by emailing it to: tm.adminnot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam Important: the goods and services list for an international application must be submitted in French.


If submitting an application by email, please take note of the Terms of Use for the Electronic Submission Process by Email (PDF).


To register an international trade mark without making any mistakes and to respond appropriately to any objections can be difficult for someone with no experience in trade mark protection. This is why we recommend contacting a trade mark consultant.



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