Can I assign my copyright?

Yes, in principle you can, for example, sell your copyright or permit certain actions via a licence agreement. However, you cannot assign your ‘moral rights’, e.g. the right to be named as the author. An assignment agreement such as this would be invalid.


You can assign your copyright in written or verbal form, or even tacitly. The IPI does not have any sample contracts. We advise against using templates from the internet. It is better to formulate the agreement in your own words. If you are unsure, it is best to contact an attorney who specialises in copyright or licensing agreements. You can search for attorneys on the website of the Swiss Bar Association or the Democratic Jurists of Switzerland, for example.


Copyright and related rights can also be inherited. If the rights owner dies and if the rights have not been assigned to a third party, such as a producer, they are passed on to the heirs.

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