National or international protection?

As a trade mark owner, your trade mark is only protected in those countries in which it is registered. So take advantage of the different ways of protecting your trade mark nationally or internationally.


Protection in Switzerland

You can register national trade marks with protection in Switzerland with us.
If your trade mark is already registered abroad, you can have its protection extended to Switzerland. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva is responsible for registering and administering international trade marks.


Protection outside of Switzerland

You can protect your trade mark outside of Switzerland (e.g. if you want to expand your company abroad) as follows:

  • You can apply to register the trade mark directly with the respective foreign IP office. This usually requires a locally-based representative.
  • If your trade mark is already protected in Switzerland, you can extend protection to numerous countries through an international procedure. You can apply for this extension of protection through us.
  • To apply for a community trade mark, which provides trade mark protection throughout the EU, you can apply directly to the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante (Spain). Alternatively, you can also apply to register a European Union trade mark with us, as long as it concerns extending protection via the Madrid System.