Costs and fees


International registration under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol

Status as of 1 January, 2020



Institute processing fee (national fee)
You can calculate the anticipated WIPO fees using this fee calculator. The fees must be paid directly to WIPO.




Individual fees

For the Contracting Parties listed below, an individual fee is due:


Antigua and Barbuda . Australia . Bahrain . BES Islands . Brazil . Brunei Darussalam . Cambodia . Canada . Columbia . Curaçao . Denmark . European Union . Estonia . Finland . Gambia . Georgia . Ghana . Greece . Iceland . India . Indonesia . Ireland . Israel . Japan . Laos . Malaysia . Mexico . New Zealand . Norway . OAPI . Oman . Philippines . Republic of Korea (South Korea) . Samoa . Singapore . St-Martin . Syrian Arab Republic . Sweden . Thailand . Tunisia . Turkey . Turkmenistan . United Kingdom . United States of America . Uzbekistan . Zambia . Zimbabwe


Please note that these individual fees may regularly be subject to change.


Designation subsequent to international registration

Basic feeCHF300
Complementary fee for each designated country (Agreement or Protocol), excluding certain Madrid Protocol Contracting Parties for which individual fees apply - see above listCHF100


Complete or partial transferCHF177
Limitation of list of goods and servicesCHF177
Change of name and/or address of holder for one or more trademarks of the same holder, if the same change is requested at the same timeCHF150
Recording of a License or amendment of the recording of a licenseCHF177


Please contact WIPO directly

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