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Protecting trade marks

Consumers make buying decisions every day. Product brands can help them to decide which product to buy. This is because they allow the consumer to make a connection between the product and the manufacturer, the quality, the origin and the price. Manufacturers individualise their products or services through trade marks and their depiction of them. Here, entrepreneurs tell about their own brand strategy experiences.


Swiss design from Rikon

In response to the new "Swissness" regulations that entered into force at the beginning of 2017, Rikon CEO Tobias Gerfin now manages two brands.


Thobias Gerfin, Kuhn Rikon AG, Rikon ZH

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Measurable benefits

With their lucrative premium image, Lantal Textiles AG can demand a brand premium from its customers. Here, we look at why.


Thomas Burst, Lantal Textiles AG, Langenthal BE

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The cross and the logo

There are no concessions on the internet, as Thomas Heinrich, founder of, discovered in relation to his trade mark.


Thomas Heinrich, Best Swiss Products AG, Bern BE

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Back in step

A fatal inheritance: why Barbara Artmann, CEO of Künzli SwissSchuh AG, no longer leaves brand management up to chance.


Barbara Artmann, Künzli SwissSchuh AG, Windisch AG

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The coveted “Belper Knolle”

What counts is exclusivity: how the Bernese company, Jumi AG, markets its local produce.


Mike Glauser und Jürg Wyss, CEOs, Jumi AG, Boll BE

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Sliding with top performance

Safeguarding marketing and distribution: why the fittings manufacturer EKU, from Thurgau, places importance on comprehensive IP protection.


Heinz Schmidhauser, CEO, EKU AG, Sirnach TG 

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Standing up to free riders

Worldwide success with wooden games - cuboro boss Matthias Etter keeps  free riders at bay with the help of trade mark protection.


Matthias Etter, CEO, cuboro AG, Hasliberg Reuti BE

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Aroma – a matter of taste

Trade mark protection for niche providers - Gabriela Manser turns Flauder into a trend drink.


Gabriela Manser, CEO, Mineralquelle Gontenbad AG, Gontenbad AI

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Cabinet maker with ambition

Exclusivity and protection against imitators - the Appenzeller Thomas Sutter focuses on design protection with his new chair and table models.


Thomas Sutter, CEO, Thomas Sutter AG, Appenzell AI 

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