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Starting a company

Do you want to start a new business for your new product?
The cantonal commercial registry is responsible for registering new businesses in the commercial register. Observe the basics for creating a business name and then determine whether it is still available.

Did you know that a protected trade mark and a business name can conflict with each other? That’s why we advise you before registering your name with the commercial registry to make sure that no identical or similar name is already protected as a trade mark. You can have a search provider make a search for you.

Entering your business name in the commercial register does not automatically protect it as a trade mark. trade mark protection derives only from entering a sign in the trade mark register at the Institute. The commercial register offers only limited protection from other people using a business name for their products, so it can be worthwhile to also register your business name as a trade mark.

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  • Professional searches: Searches for identical or similar trade marks protected in Switzerland can be carried out by a variety of professional providers.