After your patent has been granted – what next?

Once your patent has been granted, the invention you filed is protected by patent in Switzerland. As the patent owner, you can now defend and commercially exploit the patent.


Once your patent has been granted, you will receive a certificate as the patent owner. The patent specification is entered in the Swiss Register and published on

After your patent has been granted, the following topics may be of interest to you:

Once the patent has been granted, the IPI is the only competent registration authority. When the European Patent Office grants a patent for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, it automatically notifies the IPI. The patent is then entered in the Swiss Patent Register.

Beware of fake invoices for fees.
You may be approached by companies or individuals offering to enter your patent in a register which is of little or no value or doesn't even exist. The same is true for offers to exploit your invention or register it abroad. We recommend that you consider such offers with caution.


WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

Mediation for Intellectual Property and Technology Disputes in Switzerland
The WIPO  Arbitration  and  Mediation Center  (WIPO  Center)  offers mediation,  arbitration  and  expert  determination options  to  enable  private  parties  to  efficiently  settle  their  domestic  or  cross-border commercial disputes. The WIPO Center is international and specialized in intellectual property (IP) and technology disputes. It has a strong focus on providing time- and cost-efficient proceedings.