Exploiting designs


What is your design worth?

The value of your design is not only an aesthetic one. A registered design is also a tradable commodity because you can sell it or licence it. Licensing means that others pay you a fee for the use of your design.

You have to negotiate the sales price or the license fees with the interested parties. For such negotiations, it is best to contact a specialised lawyer.

Patent Attorney Register and List of trade mark consultants

Don't forget to update the design register accordingly.


Preserving the value of your design

If you want to make sure that your registered design doesn't go unnoticed, get proactive. Label your design article with a noticeable “Modèle déposé” or “Mod. dép.” and make reference to this when advertising your design product. Remember to carefully observe the market and keep an eye on your competitors’ registered designs in order to recognise possible imitations.

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