The List of Goods and Services

Trade marks are not protected absolutely, but only in connection with specific goods and services. When registering a trade mark, you must indicate the goods and services for which you want to register it.

Please note that the goods and services have to be indicated in an official language of Switzerland, namely German, French or Italian, but not in English.

The International Classification of Goods and Services established by the Nice Agreement (known as the "Nice Classification") groups all goods and services into a total of 45 classes. Make sure that you specify the goods and/or services as precisely as possible in your application so that your trade mark is protected for the products for which it will be used. The list of goods and services cannot be extended once the trade mark has been registered.

The general terms of the 45 class headings cover the main goods and services of each class. However, each class also includes goods and services that are not covered by these general terms. You must indicate these separately when you register your trade mark.


Example: The class title of class 15 is “musical instruments; music stands and stands for musical instruments; conductors' batons”. However, not all the goods classified in this class are covered by these headings. For example, "bellows for musical instruments", "horsehair for bows for musical instruments" or "cases for musical instruments" do not fall under any of these headings.


Classification Tool
The IPI's Classification Tool allows you to search for goods and services terms to help you correctly classify the goods and services for your trade mark.


If you have any questions regarding the classification of goods and services, please contact us directly at: wdlnot shown@ipito make life hard for spam If you are not sure which goods and/or services you should protect your trade mark for, we recommend consulting a trade mark consultant.


Good to know


Specify goods and services as precisely as possible. The examination procedure can be significantly delayed if you use vague terms. Identical and similar trade marks can, in principle, only conflict with one another if they are registered for the same or similar goods and/or services.
Use your trade mark in connection with those goods or services for which your registered it within five years after registering. If you don't, you may lose protection of your trade mark (Monitoring and defending your trade mark).



Use the Classification Tool to speed up the examination procedure. If most of the goods and services in your electronic application are marked green, your application qualifies for an early trade mark examination.