About us

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) is responsible for examining, granting and administering industrial property rights (patents, trade marks and designs). It works together with governmental agencies, trade associations and businesses to enforce Swiss indications of source within Switzerland and internationally. The IPI also supervises the collective rights management organisations for copyright and provides information on intellectual property rights to individuals and companies in a variety of ways.


Thus the IPI is the federal government's central point of contact for all questions concerning patents, trade marks, geographical indications, design protection and copyright. Its mandate is set out in the Status of the IPI.

It is responsible for drafting legislation and advising the Federal Council and other federal authorities on matters concerning intellectual property. The IPI also represents the interests of Switzerland at international level. Its legal mandate is regulated in more detail on an ongoing basis by the political instances and in particular the head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police.


The IPI is its own legal entity and is independent from the federal government budget.


Our mission


We are the Swiss Confederation's centre of competence for patent, design and trade mark protection, indications of source and copyright. We help innovators and creators to create value out of their ideas, thus promoting innovation, competitiveness, cultural diversity and social progress.



Our vision

We are the federal government’s first point of contact for intellectual property matters.

  • We contribute significantly towards Switzerland’s access to appropriate and economically viable intellectual property protection.
  • We provide efficient, innovative and user-oriented services.
  • We are actively involved in shaping international developments in intellectual property.
  • We use our entrepreneurial freedom.
  • We network within Switzerland and internationally to maximise the added value for the users.