Bilateral relations

Switzerland discusses issues and concerns regarding intellectual property with numerous countries. The IPI works closely with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) as well as embassies and consulates general abroad. Serving for such discussions are the joint commissions organised by SECO as well as visits by representatives of the IPI and other federal agencies (e.g. state secretaries and federal councillors) to partner countries. Finally, the embassies also actively engage on the ground, in consultation with the IPI.

The IPI is in particularly close and regular exchange with certain key countries such as important trade partners. Since 2007, for example, Switzerland has held bilateral dialogue on intellectual property with China, led by the IPI. Efforts are being made to strengthen contacts with other countries such as Brazil, Great Britain and Singapore. Switzerland has been fostering dialogue with India for some time. However, the bilateral dialogue on intellectual property with India remains suspended during the ongoing free trade negotiations.

The cooperation with partner countries encourages the exchange of knowledge between authorities in both countries on the one hand and between economic stakeholders and government agencies on the other. The dialogue with partner countries focuses on issues which are important for the Swiss economy in relation to the protection of its intellectual property. Swiss companies and associations can submit specific questions and concerns to the IPI.  




Mathias Schäli
Head of International Trade Relations
Tel. +41 31 377 72 25


Ursula Siegfried
Deputy Head of International Trade Relations
Tel. +41 31 377 72 40