Post registration

Whatever is in the design register is what is valid

Always keep the information about your design in the register up to date. Let us know about any changes straight away either in writing or via e-komm. This way, your design is optimally protected. In particular, remember to inform us about a change of address, change of design ownership as well as changes with regard to your representative or licensing agreements. Remember to include any relevant documents such as authorisations, contracts or transfer agreements.

There is no fee for making changes to the register.


WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

Mediation for Intellectual Property and Technology Disputes in Switzerland
The WIPO  Arbitration  and  Mediation Center  (WIPO  Center)  offers mediation,  arbitration  and  expert  determination options  to  enable  private  parties  to  efficiently  settle  their  domestic  or  cross-border commercial disputes. The WIPO Center is international and specialized in intellectual property (IP) and technology disputes. It has a strong focus on providing time- and cost-efficient proceedings.