The product specification

For every PAO or PGI, the applicant must produce a product specification. This document defines the quality and the characteristics of the final product, as well as the methods and the requirements to be respected during the production and manufacturing process. In other words, the product specification defines all of the requirements to be respected in order to have the right to use the protected denomination.


The product specification is one of the central elements of the system for protecting PAOs and PGIs. It indicates the denominations that are protected, defines the geographical area where production may take place, as well as the quality of the end product. The product specification also defines the raw materials used in the composition of the product and its main sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics. It describes the method of production for the product and, for PAOs, the different stages of production or manufacture.


The product specification serves as a basis for certifying the products. Each of the requirements contained in the product specification is subject to a regular control procedure. The requirements in the product specification are those specific to the PAO or PGI and are necessary for the quality and specified characteristics of the product concerned.


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