Registration and publication


After you've submitted your design application, what next?

The application is your first step to protecting your design and therefore to it being entered in the Swiss design register.

Your application is checked straight away. If it is complete, we assign your application a filing date and an application number. By complete we mean that the application form (in German, French and Italian) for registering your design is correctly filled out and includes at least one good quality illustration of your design.


The filing date

The filing date serves to reserve your entry in the design register. Is this the first application for your design? For a first filing, the filing date is also the priority date.

Novelty and priority

The exact filing date is determined according to how you send your application to us:

  • By email – determined by the electronic time stamp
  • By post – determined by the first postmark date made by a Swiss post office
  • By hand – determined by the date of your visit if you have submitted the application in full.

First invoice

You will promptly receive confirmation of your design application from us together with the first invoice. The first five-year period of protection starts with the application, which is why the fee for it is due straight away. The invoice must be paid within two months. The payment is considered to have been made on time if the amount due has been paid at the Swiss post office or debited from a postal or bank account in Switzerland in favour of the IPI.


The fees in detail

The application fees are made up of basic fees and publication fees:


  • The basic fee for protecting a design for five years is CHF 200. For each additional design submitted within the same application, an additional CHF 100 is added up to a maximum of CHF 700.
  • The publication of an illustration is included in the basic fee. Each additional illustration costs CHF 20.

You can find details on the fees in the Fee schedule.


The stages of registering your design

We check to see whether your design meets the legal requirements.

Requirements for protection

If there are any deficiencies in the application, we'll contact you in writing. You must correct the deficiencies pointed out within the given deadline. If you don’t, we must reject the application for registration.


Registration and publication

Once the design registration process has been successfully completed, we enter your design in the Swiss design register. Simultaneously, details about the design and its corresponding illustrations are published on We also then send you the respective registration certificate.

Now you're allowed to mark your design with the words, “Modèle depose” or “Mod. dép.”.