Developing a design filing strategy

Design protection – a well-considered decision

For every product, the question of how it should look always comes up eventually. If the design is not dictated solely by technical considerations, there is a good chance that you can register it as a design with individual character.
For example, if you're designing a new set of cutlery, it goes without saying that you need to create a new and original design. But when it comes to covers for industrial welding machine, it's likely that the technical requirements are going to be more important.
In both cases, a well-considered strategy for protecting your design right should answer the following questions: what do you want to protect, where and in which countries?


Strategy for protecting your design right – some guidelines

There are many aspects that determine the best individual IP rights strategy. Don't hesitate to seek professional advice if necessary. > List of trade mark consultants and patent attorneys

Here are some strategic pointers.  Design protection:


  • only relates to the details of a product, e.g. the winding button of a wristwatch relates to two-dimensional patterns or three-dimensional shapes, or a combination of both – the illustrations determine the scope of protection > Creative 2D and 3D designs