Patent attorneys

Patent attorneys are experts in law and technology. They will advise you competently at each stage, from recognising the invention and formulating the patent appliction to enforcing your patent against third parties – not only in Switzerland, but worldwide. We therefore recommend that those inexperienced in patenting should seek the help of a patent attorney for all patenting issues.


The services of a patent attorney:

help you develop effective IP rights strategies

  • assist you with the patent application
  • assess potential conflict with the IP rights of third parties
  • represent you before patent offices at home and abroad
  • advise you on licensing and selling your IP rights
  • advise you on legal disputes and help you to enforce your rights

Patent attorneys are duty bound to maintain confidentiality indefinitely concerning all secrets entrusted to them as a result of their profession.


The Patent Attorney protected professional title

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the professional title of patent attorney is protected.
To use the title, patent attorneys must meet the requirements of the Patent Attorney Act and be registered in the Swiss Patent Attorney Register or in Liechtenstein's list of professional patent attorneys. The requirements are:

  • a recognised higher education qualification in natural sciences or engineering
  • many years of experience in patent matters
  • must have passed the patent attorney examination

The title of European Patent Attorney can only be used by those in Switzerland who are registered in the list of professional representatives maintained by the European Patent Office.


Finding a patent attorney