Requesting register changes online

Have you moved premises, assigned your IP right or granted a new licence? Keep your register entry up to date and request changes quickly and easily online. The data on your IP right is taken directly from the register.


As an owner or representative, you can quickly and easily request most register changes for applications and registered Swiss trade marks, patents, designs and supplementary protection certificates via our online register changes service.


This process applies for the following changes:

  • Changes relating to the owner:
    • Assignment of IP right, change of name and address, rectification of errors
  • Changes relating to the representative, inventor, designer, licensee, usufructuary or pledgee:
    • Entry or deletion of a person, change of name and address, rectification of errors


All register changes are free of charge. Please note that requests for register changes can only be submitted in German, French or Italian.


Convenient, quick and secure: the advantages of online register changes

  • All necessary information is taken directly from the IP rights databases.
  • Attachments are transmitted in encrypted form.
  • If necessary, you can interrupt a request and continue it later. To do this, bookmark the entry with the ‘Bookmark’ function. You can share a request with other people in the same way.
  • You will receive an electronic confirmation of receipt immediately.
  • We process online requests faster than requests on paper or by email.


In certain cases, you will need to prove that you are entitled to request a register change. Find out what these cases are and what documents of evidence are permitted.


Access as a guest or with a user account

You can access the online register changes service directly. You can also search for your application or IP right in the database and select ‘Change’ on the detailed results page.


You can enter all register changes as a guest quickly and easily. However, we recommend opening a user account. This is more convenient and gives you more options. You can view the status of your entries in your account at any time. You can request changes to the owner or representative for several IP rights or applications at the same time. In addition, if you are registered as the owner or representative of an IP right, you do not have to file an official document of evidence. However, if you wish to cancel third-party rights, such as licences, you will need to provide evidence.