Receive communications from the IPI electronically

Do you prefer to work without paper? On request, we will deliver all our communications to you as signed emails or via a secure platform.


We offer you the option of receiving our communications with respect to IP rights procedures electronically. Not only will you receive them faster, but you will also be able to process them more efficiently, archive them digitally more easily and forward them to your clients with a simple click of the mouse. Manual steps such as scanning will no longer be necessary. It is best to use the secure receipt option for all IPI communications, be it for applications, changes or the renewal of IP rights.


Delivery of IPI communications

All non-registered communications, such as confirmations of register changes, will be sent to your email address as signed emails.


We will send you registered correspondence, such as decisions or other communications containing data that is not publicly accessible, in a secure manner via your delivery platform.


For technical reasons, we will send you communications that are larger than 5 MB via the IPI’s Data Exchange Platform. You will receive a share link that you can use to download the file.


Prerequisites for use

You can receive electronic communications from the IPI by first registering free of charge with one of the recognised delivery platforms, IncaMail or PrivaSphere, and then getting your name entered in the eGov subscriber directory. These platforms ensure that you will receive communications from the IPI securely and confidentially, and if required, directly in your own email inbox. Note that IncaMail and PrivaSphere will charge you for integrating this service into your own email client.


Easy to request

Once you have registered on one of the two delivery platforms, submit a request to the IPI to receive communications in electronic format for the desired IP rights and procedures. You can find out how to submit your request and further information under requesting electronic delivery.



Please note that

  • The offer refers only to the electronic receipt of IPI communications. For submissions to the IPI, use the previous submission channels.
  • Each electronic delivery address must be associated with a postal delivery address in Switzerland. Accordingly, the electronic delivery address cannot be used with different postal delivery addresses. Moreover, a delivery address abroad is also not permissible.