The IPI’s Data Exchange Platform

Whenever secure, confidential data transfer is necessary or desired, we use our Data Exchange Platform (DEP) to exchange documents. This service transmits data in encrypted form.


Via the Data Exchange Platform (DEP), we can send clients confidential data, such as search reports or communications regarding procedures. If necessary, you can also upload files.


The DEP is managed by us and operated on our own infrastructure. All data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored for a limited time.

The DEP is used in IP rights procedures in the following cases:

  • When delivering eGov registered communications exceeding 5 MB:
    If you have requested electronic delivery of IPI communications, we will send you our communications as signed emails and registered deliveries via the selected delivery platform. However, for technical reasons we have to send you eGov registered communications exceeding 5 MB via the DEP. You will receive a share link that you can use to access the data.
  • If you need to send us large files:
    If you need to submit large files, such as images or sketches, we can provide you with access to the DEP via a share link. Please note, however, that the DEP is not a permitted submission channel. To ensure that your submission is legally binding and that the deadline is met, please make an additional submission – without the enclosures – via a recognised submission channel, e.g. by email.


We also use the DEP to deliver patent search reports. You will receive access via a share link or a personal DEP user account.

The IPI’s DEP is not an online storage archive. Files that have not been accessed for more than 60 days are automatically deleted.



To submit documents for procedures, use the IPI’s reliable submission channels.


If you do not have access to the DEP, but would like to exchange data securely with the IPI, please get in touch with your personal contact person or send an email to infonot shown@ip-searchto make life hard for spam Please specify the purpose for which you wish to use the DEP.