Patent register searches

Do you want to know more about a patent, a patent application or a supplementary protection certificate? The IPI provides you with information on every IP right in effect in Switzerland or abroad.


Swiss IP rights

We are happy to provide written information on all bibliographic information included in the patents register (e.g. applicant, inventor, country of filing) and the legal status of Swiss IP rights.

Swiss IP rights include:

  • Swiss patents and published Swiss applications (CH)
  • European patents and applications designating Switzerland and Liechtenstein (EP)
  • International patent applications for Switzerland (PCT)
  • Supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) and SPC applications.


  • Legal Status Search
    Informs you about the legal status of an IP right, e.g. whether a patent is still in force.
  • Name Search
    Provides you with a list of IP rights belonging to a specific owner or inventor.
  • Priority Search
    Tells you whether there is a Swiss IP right based on a priority number from another country.
  • SPC Search
    Tells you whether a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) for a medicinal product or plant protection product has been applied for.

Do your own search

The patent database includes information on published CH applications and assigned CH and EP (European patents) designating Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You can also search our publication organ Swissreg for specific publications, such as grants and register changes.


IP rights with effect abroad

If you would like to know the legal status of an IP right in another country, we would be happy to ask the relevant foreign national office on your behalf; the fee remains the same. We will simply forward on their response to you without any further processing from us.


Delivery time:

Upon agreement but usually withing five working days


Min. CHF 90 per request. If the search takes more than one hour, every additional hour will be billed at CHF 180 per hour (IPI Fee Regulations, Art. 3, para. 2).

Request this search:

Please send us the signed request form by post or email it to