Certificates for encrypting emails

If you want to send us your email encrypted, you have to download and install the certificate (public key) that corresponds to your destination address.


Installing certificates

Carry out the following steps according to the browser and email program you are using:



Internet Explorer – Downloading and saving the certificate

When you click on a link to a certificate, a security warning will be displayed informing you that it is a security certificate. Click on ‘Open’.


Now proceed as follows:


Make sure that it is the correct certificate.

  • Issued for: Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Issued by: QuoVadis Swiss Advanced CA G2

Install the certificate:


The Certificate Import Wizard will appear:


If the installation was successful, you will see the following message:


Click again on the certificate link


Finally, import the selected certificate into Outlook or Thunderbird.



Firefox – Downloading and saving the certificate

A warning is displayed when a link to a certificate is opened.


Proceed as follows:

Save the certificate onto your computer by right-clicking the link to the certificate and selecting ‘Save Link As...’:


Double-click on the file in the location where it is saved and check that it is the correct certificate.


Check the file properties


Finally, import the selected certificate into Outlook or Thunderbird.



Outlook – Importing the certificate into your email program

To send encrypted emails from Outlook, you must create a contact and assign the saved certificate to it.

To do this, from the Outlook menu select 'Home' > ‘Address book’:


Create new entry

Select from the menu 'File' > 'New entry':


Create a new contact

Select 'New contact' and click 'OK':


Create a contact

In the field 'Name', enter a name for the contact to be created (e.g. IPI - Trade marks) and enter the email address in the field 'E-mail' (e.g. tm.admin@ekomm.ipi.ch).


Importing the certificate

Then click on the button 'Certificates' button and import the previously saved certificate belonging to the email address entered .


Save and close

Click on 'Save and close' to save the changes.


When you now send an email to the address entered, it can be encrypted by Outlook.



Thunderbird – Importing the certificate into email program

To send encrypted emails in Thunderbird, you need your own encryption certificate (e.g. SwissSign-Zertifikat Silver), because Thunderbird encrypts the email with your certificate to store it in the 'Sent' directory.

Go into Thunderbird's settings: under settings click on 'Extras', then 'Advanced', then on the 'Certificates' tab. To open the certificate manager, click on 'Your certificates'.


Select 'Import...' and then click 'OK'.