User account for online services

A user account offers you advantages if you want to use our register changes and international trade mark registration online services. It also allows you to enter debit orders for your current account online.


You can manage your IP rights with ease using our online services.


You can use the register changes and international trade mark registration online services as a guest without any difficulties. However, a user account offers particular advantages for owners or representatives of several IP rights. For example, you can view all your entries at any time. You can request register changes for several IP rights or applications at the same time if they concern the trade mark owner or representative. Additionally, as a registered owner or representative, you won't have to submit an official document of evidence for most register changes. However, if you wish to cancel third-party rights, such as licences, you will need to provide evidence.


You need to have a user account to debit your current account with the IPI online.


Overview of the IPI's databases and online services (chart)



To open a user account, you must have a current account with the IPI that is linked to an electronic mail address or you need to be registered to receive our communications electronically.


You can use an existing user account for additional services at any time. To be able to view the IP rights and applications to be managed in the online service, you just need to link them to your user account, i.e. to your electronic mail address.


Access and security

Once your user account has been set up, we'll send you the access details and terms of use by post or, if you receive communications electronically, via your delivery platform. You will then have to create a secure password. You can also set up two-factor authentication if you wish.

You can access your user account at any time via You can also log in via our databases or the online services register changes, application for international registration and current account debit order.


View your requests and current account transactions

With your user account, you can view the status of your online requests at any time. Your user account also shows all current account transactions in the last three months.