Current account

Current accounts make it easier for clients and the IPI to exchange payments. They are particularly useful for paying fees. Find out how to apply for a current account and initiate payments quickly and easily.


A current account with the IPI allows you to settle payments simply at all times. Individuals, legal entities and legal communities that regularly receive payments from us or make payments to us are entitled to open a current account.


To open a current account, please complete the application form and the signatory regulations and send them to us with a handwritten signature.


Please make an initial deposit as soon as the account is open.


Make payments

You can make payments from your current account with a debit order. The simplest way to do this is via our online service. All you need is the reference numbers of the applications or IP rights that you’d like to pay an outstanding fee for. Such orders are normally executed automatically on the same day.

Find out more about the online service


Alternatively, you can email a written debit order to us at financenot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam or send it to us by post. The debit order must include the number of the account to be debited as well as the details necessary to clearly identify the purpose of the payment. These orders will be carried out manually.


We will always consider the date on which we receive the debit order as the date of receipt of the payment.


Ensure sufficient cover

When issuing a debit order, the client must ensure that their current account contains sufficient funds on the date of issue to cover all debit orders that have already been issued but have not yet been executed. We do not guarantee that we will execute debit orders in the chronological order in which the fees in question are payable.


Please also note that you can expect deposits to take one to two days to be processed.


If there are insufficient funds, the debit order will not be executed and the payment will be considered as not having been made. We will not try to debit the payment a second time. We cannot take account of deposits paid into the current account at a later date to restore the necessary cover. A payment deadline that has not yet expired will remain unchanged if a debit attempt fails.