Statistics on court decisions

Figures and information on court decisions in Switzerland concerning intellectual property. The IPI is regularly informed of court judgments on intellectual property.


Court decisions

Most judicial decisions on intellectual property concern disputes over trade mark protection. This IP right accounted for 57 per cent of the 192 court decisions made in 2018.


Court decisions in 2018

  • Total number of decisions: 181
  • Federal Administrative Court decisions: 43
  • Federal Patent Court decisions: 12
  • Federal Supreme Court decisions: 14
  • Cantonal decisions: 112


Figures apply to the period of Jan 1–Dec 31 2018. Status as of 7.11.2019.


Court decisions by legal field


With 75 decisions, civil law was the legal area which saw the most activity. In second position was criminal law with 62 court decisions and in third position was administrative law with 44 cases.


Court decisions by specialist field


The figures on IP rights also provide some interesting insights. The courts had to make the most decisions concerning trade mark law(110). This was followed by patent law (17), Swissness/geographical indications (11) and design law (2). A note on these figures – a court case might discuss both trade mark law and copyright law, for example. The decision would then be included in both categories.


Court decisions by canton


In which canton were the most court decisions made? In 2018, it was Canton Zurich (21). There were only three fewer rulings in Aargau (18). The courts in Bern made 12 decisions, while 9 were made in Geneva.



The judgments presented here correspond to the number of decisions that the courts have provided us with. These are the decisions that we have been informed of. The statistics are therefore not exhaustive.


You can find an anonymised overview of all decisions here: Statistics_decisions_2018 (in German). Due to data protection requirements, the decisions themselves are not passed on to third parties.