Enter current account debit orders online

The easiest way to enter debit orders for your current account is online. Payment is usually made on the same day in this case.


Current account holders can quickly and easily initiate the payment of fees via the current account debit order online service.


To use the service, please send the electronic mail address to us at financenot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam bots.ch, so that we can set up a user account for you. Please also indicate which IP rights and applications you'd like to link to your user account.


Once your applications and IP rights are linked to a user account, you can find all outstanding fees and enter debit orders online. Alternatively, you can enter the reference numbers of the applications or IP rights that you’d like to initiate a payment for or import a CSV file with the necessary details.


As soon as your order has been checked for the first time, it will be visible in your user account under 'Requests and procedures'. You can view completed transactions under 'Account transactions'.


Error-free orders are normally executed automatically on the same day.


More information about current accounts at the IPI.


For assistance with the online service, please refer to the help pages, which can also be accessed from the application at any time.