Intellectual property in focus: where we are involved

Whether it is upcoming inventors, students who found a company, or firms that generate value for Switzerland with their product, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) supports organisations and programmes that foster ambition for new ideas and innovation. The result is that valuable intellectual assets are developed. Those involved should therefore be informed at an early stage on how they can protect their inventions and creations. Here is an overview of our commitments.


Swiss Youth in Science: inventors of tomorrow


The Swiss Youth in Science foundation (SJf) has a long tradition: since 1967, it has been spurring on the inventive spirit of young researchers via a national competition. It allows upcoming inventors to gain their first experience in scientific work – with some innovations even developing later into business ideas.


Our commitment: The IPI’s experts support young people in the various phases of the competition and share their knowledge of the fundamentals of intellectual property. In addition, we donate a special prize for a particularly successful idea.

Website: Swiss Youth in Science (SJf)


YES: young people founding a mini-company


How do I develop a business idea and found a company? What things are important when building a brand? Secondary education students who are interested in business have the opportunity to experience this literally up close with Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) in its Company Programme: they manage a mini-company under real-life conditions for one year – from its founding to the marketing of their product. A teacher and a practical consultant (business mentor) accompanies the students and provides them with specialist support.

YES is a non-profit organisation that makes young people fit for the business world via diverse activities, and aims to foster entrepreneurship.

Website: Young Enterprises Switzerland (YES)


Our commitment: The IPI is one of the national partners. The student companies receive a starter kit with information on all aspects of intellectual property. The theory booklet about the Company Programme also details the principles of trade mark protection and copyright. Finally, the IPI organises workshops about intellectual property for teachers as well as students.


Swiss Innovation Forum: playground for innovations


The Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) is Switzerland’s leading platform for innovation, creativity and design and its aim is to establish a sustainable culture of innovation. At its annual event, the SIF showcases projects to inspire companies and promote pioneering activities. Intellectual property also plays an important role in this context. The SIF is sponsored by the Swiss Economic Forum AG (SEF).


Our commitment: The IPI was extensively involved in the development and founding of this platform. As a main partner, we are a member of the main jury for the Swiss Technology Award and host a breakout session about a current topic at the SIF.

Website: Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF)




SEF.Growth is an initiative of the Swiss Economic Forums (SEF) and reputable partners aimed at Swiss SMEs and start-up companies with ambitions for growth. They benefit from a customised programme and practical knowledge from the SEF's network.


Our commitment: The IPI supports these initiatives through its specialist knowledge with, for example, expert visits, assisted patent searches and other in-depth evaluations for patents. Apart from this, the IPI provides generous funding.

Website: SEF.Growth


startup days


startup days (SUD) is the leading conference for start-up topics in Switzerland. As a non-profit forum, the platform is committed to innovation, start-up promotion and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.


The two-day event presents current topics and highlights collaboration between start-ups, government, SMEs, large corporations and important players in the start-up ecosystem. Around 1,000 decision-makers from Switzerland take part each year.


Our commitment – as a main partner of startup days, the IPI uses this opportunity to raise awareness of intellectual property in general and, in particular, to make the strategic protection of innovation more transparent. The IPI uses the platform to support its educational and awareness-raising work with start-ups on the topic of intellectual property. In addition to an information stand, the IPI hosts a breakout session at the annual conference.
Website: startup days



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