Employment conditions

As a progressive employer, we offer attractive terms of employment and social benefits.


Working hours


The official flexible working week is 41.9 hours. You're entitled to a paid break of 15 minutes if you work at least four hours, and 30 minutes if you work longer than four hours per day. We also grant additional paid absences for certain events.




All employees are entitled to at least 25 days of holiday – or more, depending on age and position. National holidays that fall on a non-working day are compensated with a total of two additional days of holiday per year.


Balancing personal life, family and career


We want our employees to be able to combine their personal and family life with their career. That's why we allow a variety of part-time and home-office working models.


We provide 16 weeks of maternity leave and four weeks of paternity leave – both at full pay.


In addition to the cantonal family allowance, we also pay an additional allowance that is higher than the statutory minimum. Employees with children under the age of seven also receive an income-related childcare allowance.




The IPI respects the different backgrounds of its employees and values their diversity – regardless of age, gender, language, lifestyle, origin, religion, etc. We treat everyone with respect and do not tolerate discrimination.


Pension fund


Our employees are insured under a defined contribution plan with the Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA. The contribution amount is staggered according to age. We bear the risk premiums and contribute at least 50% of the savings contributions. It's also possible to make additional voluntary contributions.


Sickness benefits


All of our employees are entitled to sick pay. In the event of sickness, your salary will continue to be paid for two years; the amount depends on the number of years of employment with the IPI.


Accident insurance


In addition to compulsory accident insurance (we pay two-thirds of the premium), all of our employees are insured for supplementary accident insurance. This covers additional services, such as medical treatment in a semi-private room at the least. Your salary will continue to be paid for two years; the amount is dependent on your length of employment with the IPI.


Length of service awards


We reward employees with a generous length of service award for every five years of service with our organisation.


Half-fare and GA travelcards


All employees who have an employment contract of one year receive an SBB Half-Fare travelcard. On request, you can also take advantage of a 25% reduction on a GA travelcard.


Reka Money


Our employees can purchase Reka Money to the value of CHF 1,000 at a 30% discount.




We subsidise the cost of food and drinks in al parco staff restaurant. Our in-house cafeteria offers a self-service fridge with freshly prepared meals, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and deserts, and microwaves are available. Coffee and tea are free of charge.