Guide for Innovative and Creative Minds


Technical problems

Have you come up against technical problems? Look through the patent literature. Among the millions of patent documents, you can find solutions or sources of inspiration. Pay attention to patent information in other technology sectors as well.

Have you recently done a search? Searches are only snapshots! Every 30 seconds a new patent is being published somewhere in the world.


  • Patent database: It provides information on Swiss patents, published Swiss patent applications and European patents effective in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • The online database of the European Patent Organisation with over a million patent documents from all over the world.


Further information



  • Assisted Patent Search: Make use of the expertise of one of our patent experts in Bern for a half day: accompanied by an expert, you search online databases and get a first overview of the state of the art for your idea or invention.
  • Professional searches: A technology and patent search by a specialist can give you information about the state of the art in your technology sector.