Zoom event ‘Top tips to protect your business ideas’

13.02.2023 | Training, Event

You often hear people using the term ‘intellectual property’ or ‘IP’ in the entrepreneurial world. But what is it all about and what do entrepreneurs need to know to safeguard their intellectual property?


The aim of the be-smarter online event is to raise awareness of the need to protect intellectual property, which is particularly important for entrepreneurs. To this end, the event presents the significance of intellectual property protection, the principles underlying it, its possible uses, and the first strategic questions that entrepreneurs should consider. Matthias Käch is a federally certified educator and a long-standing IP trainer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. He knows the answers to all the key questions on this topic. Participation is free of charge.


You can find detailed information about the event and sign up here: https://be-advanced.ch/events/details/ideen-schuetzen-aber-wie