Accelerating the substantive examination

It usually takes several years to have a patent granted. However, it can sometimes be beneficial to have one granted as quickly as possible. In this case, you can submit a request for an accelerated procedure.


Request for an accelerated substantive examination

Patent applications usually undergo a substantive examination in the sequence in which they are received by the IPI. This means that the examination usually begins about three years after filing. In view of a possible revision of the Patents Act, we will gradually reduce this period to two years.

Please remember that the accelerated procedure may result in the patent being published during the priority year. If this is the case, we will inform the patent applicant as it is usually more advantageous to have the patent granted after the priority year has expired. This gives the patent applicant the opportunity to decide whether the patent should be granted and published before or after the priority period.
In the event that a Swiss patent is granted within 18 months from the priority date, neither the submitted technical documents will be disclosed nor will the search reports be published.


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