IPI publications

The IPI publishes studies on intellectual property issues at irregular intervals.


No. 11: Measures to promote green innovations – Final report on the research study commissioned by the IPI (10.2023)

This study examines how the IPI can promote sustainable innovations. The findings show that a holistic approach is needed which involves the coordination and continuous monitoring of various measures.



No. 10: DLT and the Intellectual Property Ecosystem of Switzerland (07.2023)

This country study examines the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the field of intellectual property in Switzerland. DLT is commonly referred to as ‘blockchain’. The study focuses on use cases involving this new technology and on the opportunities and challenges it presents. 



No. 9: IP support services for SMEs in Switzerland (02.2021)

How well are inventors and creative people supported with their questions about protecting their intellectual property? This study provides an overview of such support services in Switzerland.



No. 8: Potential to optimise the Swiss national patent system (05.2015)

Through interviews, surveys and an economic analysis, the study examines the extent to which the Swiss patent system could be improved.



No. 7: The Effects of Protecting Geographical Indications. Ways and Means of their Evaluation (07.2011)

In addition to two articles, this publication provides a methodology for evaluating geographical indications in terms of their economic, social and environmental impact.



No. 4-6: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) IP Reports

Three studies were written as part of the SME-IP Project on the many facets of SMEs' dealings with intellectual property and the support offered to them.



No. 3: Compatibility with the Patent Law Treaty of the obligation to disclose the source of genetic resources and traditional knowledge (03.2005)

A legal opinion on the compatibility of the disclosure obligation in implementing the ‘access and benefit sharing’ idea with the ratification of WIPO’s Patent Law Treaty (PLT).



No. 2: Options in the implementation of EC Directive 98/44 regarding the legal protection of biotechnological inventions (05.2004)

This legal opinion shows the scope for action in implementing Directive 98/44/EC and has arisen in the context of the discussions on the harmonisation of Swiss law with this Directive.



No. 1: Research and Patenting in Biotechnology - A Survey in Switzerland (12.2003)

This report presents the results of a survey of the Swiss biotechnology industry. In focus is the influence of patents on biotechnological inventions.