Seminar: Quick and Efficient Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights


Seminar content

In this seminar, participants will learn about the different types of intellectual property rights and the possibilities they offer for protection. You will learn how to select and evaluate individual IP rights according to the situation. Patents will be the primary focus of the seminar. Based on practical examples, participants will analyse the structure of a patent, learn to draw important information from a patent specification, interpret patent claims correctly, and, with that, to read patents efficiently. The seminar will round off with a presentation of the basics of the patent granting procedure using the example of the European Patent.



The seminar is comprised of a theoretical part and practical exercises. This ensures that participants can easily and effectively use the information and contents of a patent specification, and that they can directly apply what they have learned after the seminar in their work environment.
Training is for up to 10 staff in-company.
In-house information will be treated confidentiality since the seminar takes place at the company requesting the seminar.



  • Quickly and efficiently read, understand, select and evaluate intellectual property rights
  • Find relevant information in the patent literature (IP literature) at the beginning of a project in the quickest and most effective way


No previous knowledge necessary.



Dr. Ute-Christine Konopka, owner thinksafe


Target audience

Staff responsible for technology and products from the field of industry and from universities, as well as students.


Seminar programme

Theoretical part
09.00Introduction – Seminar goals
General knowledge about patent specifications
10.45Structure and terminology of a patent specification
Structure and terminology of a search report
Practical part
13.15Identification of relevant information from a patent specification
How can one find the relevant information quickly and effectively in a patent specification
15.00More practical exercises
16.30 ca.End of seminar

Seminar language

German or English






Upon agreement



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