Patent database

The patent database provides information on active and cancelled patents in Switzerland as well as pending and cancelled Swiss patent applications. You can also request register changes for your IP rights directly in the database.


In the patent database, you can find information on all active and cancelled patents and patent applications in Switzerland. Use the database to find out the latest status or history of a patent, or to help with inspiration and differentiation when drafting a patent application.


The database contains the following data:

  • All active Swiss patents and European patents with effect in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

  • All active national patent applications which have been published (patent applications cannot be searched until they have been published 18 months after the filing)


Good to know:

  • Swissreg remains the IPI’s organ of publication for the time being. Further information.

  • Only extracts from the IP rights registers maintained by the IPI are legally binding.


Request register changes

As an owner or representative, you can request changes to the register entry for your patent or patent application directly in the patent database.


Please note that requests for register changes can only be submitted in German, French or Italian.