Seminar: Structuring and Maintaining a Patent Department – Specifically for Decision-Makers


Seminar content

The purpose of the seminar is to increase awareness among management of the purpose and structure of a patent coordination office/patent department. Based on an individual patent strategy, participants will learn how they can comprehensively protect their technology, how they can involve their colleagues in the patent strategy, and how patents can be used as tools to secure a competitive advantage.



  • Acquiring a plan for structuring / expanding a profitable patent portfolio
  • Knowledge for structuring comprehensive protection for technology
  • Strategic concerns when considering whether to use the IP right exclusively or to license it to competitors or other interested parties
  • Best use of funds through the targeted use of financial resources and cost-savings through a needs-driven management of the IP portfolio

Target audience

Primarily decision-makers at medium-sized companies



Dr Ute-Christine Konopka, Owner thinksafe


Seminar programme

09.00hSeminar goals
Advantages of a patent coordination office
Fundamentals for structuring patent coordination in a company
collaboration with external companies
10.45hRequirements for a patent coordinator
Involving internal company departments
Patenting process
Structuring and maintaining a patent portfolio
12.30hEnd of seminar

Seminar language

German or English



Upon agreement






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