The SPC / paediatric SPC database

The SPC / paediatric SPC database provides information on active and cancelled supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), paediatric SPCs, and SPC and paediatric SPC applications in Switzerland. You can also request register changes for your certificates and published applications directly in the database.


A supplementary protection certificate (SPC) can extend the protection of patented medicinal and plant protection products by up to five years. Medicinal products subject to paediatric studies may benefit from six additional months of protection through a paediatric extension of the SPC. If there is no SPC, a paediatric supplementary protection certificate can be applied for as an alternative, which is directly linked to the term of the patent.


You can find information on these protection certificates in the database. It contains the following data:

  • All active and cancelled Swiss SPCs, SPCs with a paediatric extension, and paediatric SPCs based on a Swiss patent or a European patent with effect in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

  • Applications pending at the IPI for SPCs, paediatric extensions of SPCs and paediatric SPCs


Please note that applications are only published after formal examination has been completed – provided that they comply with the requirements of the law and the ordinance. Furthermore, applications for a paediatric extension of an SPC are only published after the SPC has been granted.


Good to know:

  • Swissreg remains the IPI’s organ of publication for the time being. Further information.

  • Only extracts from the IP rights registers maintained by the IPI are legally binding.


Request register changes

As the owner or representative of a Swiss SPC or paediatric SPC or a published application, you can request changes to the register entry directly in the database.


Please note that register changes can only be made in German, French or Italian.