IPI databases

In the IPI databases, you can quickly and easily access hundreds of thousands of trade marks, patents, designs, supplementary protection certificates and emblems that are protected in Switzerland. You can also manage your registered IP rights and applications via the databases.


Which trade marks, inventions and designs are protected in Switzerland? By whom? And for how long? Our databases provide information on this and much more: they contain all public information on trade marks, designs, patents and supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) that are active, that have been newly registered and that have been cancelled in Switzerland. They also provide information on signs protected in Switzerland and abroad, such as coats of arms and abbreviations.


Use the information, for example, to find inspiration, to carry out an initial assessment of the novelty of an invention or design, or to avoid conflicts with registered rights.


You can find more detailed information on the databases on these pages: trade mark database, patent database, design database, SPC database and emblems. You can find useful information for a successful search in the help texts accessible via the databases.


Manage your IP rights online

As an owner or representative, you can use the databases to easily apply for register changes and international trade mark protection for your applications and registered IP rights.


You can enter these requests as a guest. However, we recommend opening a user account. This is more convenient and gives you more options: you can view all your entries at any time, you can enter register changes directly for several IP rights, and you do not need any official documents of evidence.


You can also access other online services, such as e-trademark, via the menu of the databases.


Databases and online services at a glance (PDF)


Please note:

  • Searches in the databases have their limitations. If you are looking for a complete, reliable basis for decision-making, for example information on the state of the art or the risk of conflict of signs, we recommend that you commission professional patent searches or trade mark searches.

  • You can find the same data in the trade mark database as in the IP rights database Swissreg. The trade mark database also contains international trade marks with effect in Switzerland.

  • For the time being, Swissreg will remain the IPI’s organ of publication for the legally effective publication of register entries. So you should use Swissreg if you want to search specifically for publications, such as renewals or other register changes.

  • Only extracts from the IP rights registers maintained by the IPI are legally binding. We will be happy to provide you with an extract on request. Contact us.