Receiving post from ProLitteris

You are allowed to photocopy from protected books, brochures or journals for in-house information and documentation. In return, the Copyright Act makes a provision for remuneration. This is set in the form of a flat rate based on studies of user behaviour. The collective management organisation ProLitteris collects this from businesses and distributes it to the rights owners. An entitlement to remuneration exists if it is you have the facilities to make such copies. It does not matter if you have actually copied the copyright protected material or not.


You are required by law to provide information to ProLitteris (e.g. by completing a survey). This does not mean, however, that you must subsequently pay remuneration. For example, businesses within the construction industry with fewer than 15 employees do not owe remuneration because user behaviour shows that the amount of copyright protected works they photocopy is minimal. In contrast, law firms are obliged to pay a fee even if they only have one employee.

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