By using a filter, you can restrict your search, for example, to specific types of IP rights and/or a specific file status.


Activate or reset filters

You can activate the filter(s) you wish to use before carrying out a search or use filters to refine your search results. In the second case, only the filter applicable to the search results will be displayed.
Active filters are indicated by an asterisk as well as appearing under the heading ‘Filters’.
You can remove the filters individually (directly beside the filters or under the heading ‘Filters’) or you can remove all at the same time by clicking on ‘Reset’.


Filter by date

For the filters Application date, Publication date, Grant date, Cancellation date and Maximum term of protection, you can choose a suggested period of time or enter your own. The date ranges ‘Last week’, ‘Last month’ and Last year’ are calculated from the search date.


The Maximum term of protection filter can be used to search for patents which reached the maximum term of protection of 20 years during the chosen time period and have therefore expired.


Filter: Electronic delivery address

This filter is only available to registered users. You can use it to search for IP rights that are linked with the specified electronic delivery address.


Filter: IP right status

  • Active status: includes all valid patents entered in the patent register and all published patent applications

  • Cancelled status: includes cancelled patents and patent applications


Filter: File status

The file status refers to the different types of published patent documents, such as a patent application with a search report or a patent specification after rectification of the title page.


With these filters, you will only find IP rights for which the selected status is the last valid document status.


Filter: Publication date

The publication date refers to either the date of publication of the patent application or the grant of the patent on For international applications, the publication date is the date of publication of the entry into the national phase on Swissreg. Applications are not published until 18 months after the filing or priority date.


Filter: Supplementary protection certificate

With this filter, you can find patented medicinal and plant protection products for which protection has been extended by means of a supplementary protection certificate (SPC). You can also find patented medicinal products for which a paediatric supplementary protection certificate has been granted.


Filter: Genetic resources and traditional knowledge

With this filter, you can search for patents for inventions that are based on a genetic resource or on traditional knowledge of indigenous or local communities of genetic resources.


Not sure what the filters mean? Take a look at this glossary.