Detailed results view

Click on a result in the overview to see detailed information on the IP right.


In the detailed view, you will find:

  • IP right status (active or cancelled)

  • File status (last published document)

  • Type of IP right (CH or European patent (EP))

  • Application number

  • Patent number

  • Application date

  • Publication date

  • Grant date

  • Due date of the next renewal fee

  • Maximum term of protection

  • International Patent Classification (IPC)

  • Cooperative Patent Classification System (CPC)

  • Patent specifications (link to Swissreg)

  • Link to Espacenet

  • Address of the patent owner


The following information may also be provided:

  • Information on the international application

  • Application number of the parent application or original patent

  • Number and link to the supplementary protection certificate (SPC) or paediatric supplementary protection certificate (paediatric SPC)

  • Cancellation date and the reason for cancellation

  • Information on priorities

  • Exhibition immunity (date and name of the exhibition)

  • Specification of whether the invention is based on genetic resources and traditional knowledge

  • Address of the inventor

  • All official IPI publications for the patent or patent application (history)

  • Address of the representative



The Export function allows you to export the search results as a PDF file. Please note that this database extract is not legally binding. To request a legally binding extract from the patent register, please contact us.


Not sure of the meaning of the terms used in the detailed view? Take a look at this glossary.