Costs and fees

Expenses and fees for patent protection include:

  • Preliminary searches, developing the patent application strategy and preparing the technical documents
  • Support from specialists, e.g. a patent attorney
  • Application fee
  • Translating the patent application and patent specification
  • Fees for searches and the patent examination
  • Renewal fees for keeping the patent in force
  • Costs for enforcing the patent

The fees usually make up only a part of the total cost. Costs for professional advice and representation before the IP offices can, in particular, be high.


Overview of the most important fees in the Swiss, European and international patent procedures

Status as of 1 April 2018

  • Fees in bold are compulsory.
  • Please note that fees may regularly be subject to change.

Swiss patent applications

Application feeCHF200
Search feeCHF500
For each additional claim from the 11th patent claimCHF50
Examination feeCHF500
Fee for expedited examination (the examination fee must be paid before the examination)CHF200
Renewal fees
For the 4th year after filing the application
For each subsequent year, the annual fee increases by CHF 50 (CHF 150 for the 5th year, CHF 200 for the 6th year, etc. up to CHF 900 for the 20th year after filing the application).
Supplementary fee for the late payment of an annual feeCHF50
Further processing feeCHF100
Reinstatement feeCHF500
Opposition feeCHF800
International search for first-time applications (executed by the European Patent Office)CHF1315
Supplementary protection certificates and paediatric supplementary protection certificates

Application fee for a supplementary protection certificateCHF 2500
Application fee for extending the term of protection of a supplementary protection certificateCHF 1500

Annual fees for a supplementary protection certificate
For the 1st year after filing the application

For each subsequent year, the annual fee increases by CHF 50 (CHF 1000 for the 2nd year, CHF 1050 for the 3rd year, etc. up to CHF 1200 for the 6th year)
Supplementary fee for the late payment of the annual feeCHF50
Revocation feeCHF800
Fee for a paediatric supplementary protection certificateCHF
PCT Patent registrations
International filing fee (up to 30 pages incl. application form)CHF1330
For each additional page from the 31st pageCHF15
Reduction when filing electronically
if the application is in character-coded formatCHF200
if the application, the description, the claims and the abstract are in character-coded formatCHF300
International Search feeCHF2020
Transmittal feeCHF100
Supplementary fee for late payment
50% of the fee paid; min. CHF 100, max. CHF 665
Fee for preliminary examinationEUR1830*
Processing fee for preliminary examinationEUR176*
*(these fees have to be paid directly to the European Patent Office)
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