Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis

By participating in a one-day Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis together with a patent expert at the IPI, you can gain valuable insights into your technology sector and your competitors.

With a patent expert, you will compile patents in your technology sector. You will then examine the data and identify connections using suitable tools and analytical techniques.

With a Patent Landscape Analysis, we can look into:


We maintain complete confidentiality of all information exchanged between you and the IPI and of all search results.




You are eligible for an Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis if:

  • You work in a research institute (in a public technical college or university in Switzerland or an institute in the ETH domain)
  • You work in a company or institution supported by a promoter of research and innovation with whom we have concluded a framework agreement.


The search must serve a project run by your research institute or a project supported by a promoter of research and innovation.


Due to the time and databases available, we can only  carry out an initial basic analysis. You will receive a report with the results and up to 100 of the patent citations found and the complete patent documents for up to 50 of these citations in a PDF file free of charge.

For a more detailed analysis, an Advanced Patent Landscape Analysis is required, particularly for thematic categorisations or if a larger number of documents are to be examined or legal status information included. You can find search providers on our advanced searches page.


The Assisted Patent Landscape Analysis takes a maximum of eight hours. It is carried out together with you at the premises of the IPI. It is also possible to carry out the search at a partner location via an online meeting platform. 



CHF 300 incl. VAT (IPI Fee Ordinance, GebV-IGE Art. 3 Abs. 2, only available in German, French or Italian). You have the right to a maximum of two assisted patent searches per year.

You may eligible for a discount if you are participating in a funding programme.



Here you can find an overview of the IPI's basic conditions for an assisted patent search/analysis.


Request a search

Please complete and send us the online request form. And if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.


After the search

If you need further support in evaluating the analysis, we recommend seeking advice from a business consultant or a patent attorney. They will help you to interpret the results and plan your next steps. 

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